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Speights & Runyan - Complex Litigation Firm

More Than 25 Years As Lead Counsel in Complex Trials

Speights & Runyan was established in 1987 as a litigation law firm. Based in South Carolina, our team has served as leading counsel in complex litigation matters that involve multiple parties, complicated legal or factual questions and high stakes consequences. Our firm represents clients throughout the country in a wide range of practice areas, including:

Class Actions and Multidistrict Litigation

Speights & Runyan has been at the forefront of class litigation for over two decades.  Speights & Runyan has used class action procedure to bring relief to thousands of property owners with defective products in or on their buildings, thousands of farmers, and thousands of employees who have not obtained proper wages.  The firm has used Rule 23 to obtain results for individuals which would be impossible without the ability to aggregate resources as allowed by class actions.  When our attorneys or those attorneys with whom we associate discover a harm being done to a large number of people, the class action process provides a more efficient, cost-effective process for litigating claims filed by numerous plaintiffs.

We are aware of those who abuse the class action procedure.  We take pride in the fact that our history shows that our use of class actions obtains real relief for real harm.  

Our attorneys identify cases in which our clients could benefit from filing as a class or from consolidation into one MDL court. Having handled scores of class action and MDL lawsuits, our firm has streamlined our internal methods for managing the complex logistics, structure and judicial procedures involved in litigating claims as class actions or MDLs. 

High Stakes and Groundbreaking Results

Our legal team often handles cases that are likely to set legal precedent or to have a profound impact on an industry. In addition to millions of dollars in damages, our firm focuses on how the case might affect the future of litigation in a particular area of law. When our lawyers won the first asbestos property damage lawsuit in the United States, we not only recovered our clients’ financial losses, but we also established standards for the dozens of other asbestos property claims that followed. We have also reached groundbreaking results in construction and agriculture claims.

Our law firm excels in litigating cases involving esoteric, complex facts and rules of law which may incorporate principles that seem forgotten in today’s environment of subjectivity. For example, we recognize how centuries old case law and First Amendment considerations affect our ecclesiastical clients. In the same vein, we are familiar with the vast regulatory systems that govern our numerous agricultural clients.

Over the last two and a half decades, we have gained extensive experience in the state and federal courts in over 20 states and territories across the country.

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