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About Speights & Runyan

Focused on Complex Litigation for More than 25 Years

In 1987 Dan Speights made a phone call to Alan Runyan to ask Mr. Runyan if he would be interested in joining Mr. Speights in groundbreaking litigation concerning the rights of property owners.  From that phone call, Mr. Speights and Mr. Runyan set about obtaining verdicts and settlements from coast to coast on behalf of commercial building owners.   The two are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in relief being distributed to property owners across America.  From our offices in Beaufort and Hampton, South Carolina, our attorneys try cases in federal and state courts throughout the country. Many of our class action and MDL claims include plaintiffs from several states and defendants that are national or international corporations.

History of Trial Innovation

In the mid-1980s, our litigation lawyers recognized that building owners had a cause of action against asbestos companies. We served as lead counsel in the first asbestos property damage case in the United States that resulted in a verdict. Following this initial success, we have won dozens more awards on behalf of building owners who were forced to pay expensive removal costs or whose property values were diminished because of the presence of asbestos materials. The decisions rendered in our cases have changed the course of asbestos litigation and set standards in this area of law.

Our law firm has continued to innovate in our approach to complex litigation in such diverse matters as:

Our clients include farmers, small businesses, schools, builders, churches and individuals. We handle cases involving physical injuries, property damages, lost earnings and toxic torts.

Class Action Lawsuits

Class actions promote fairness in the judicial process. Individuals or small businesses that might otherwise be unable to spare the expense and time to sue well-financed corporations have a viable option for bringing a claim to trial by forming a class. A class action lawsuit allows multiple plaintiffs to pool their resources and create a more streamlined, efficient process for reaching a resolution.

Speights & Runyan has litigated complex class action lawsuits for more than 25 years. Our team has the knowledge and experience to identify class action opportunities, certify the class, organize the logistics and reach an equitable settlement or verdict.

Our Litigation Team

Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to the litigation of complex cases. We each have the substantial experience and focused determination to create groundbreaking resolutions to challenging problems. Our colleagues refer class action, MDL and other complex litigation matters to us because they know we will treat their clients with respect and handle their cases with care and precision.

Our trial lawyers have regularly appeared as lecturers and published articles about a wide range of litigation topics, such as asbestos damages, environmental torts, multiparty construction claims and litigation ethics.

Learn More About How Our Litigation Law Firm Can Help Resolve Complex Issues

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