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History of Speights & Runyan

Complex Litigation Law Firm Established in 1987

Attorneys C. Alan Runyan and Daniel A. Speights founded Speights & Runyan in 1987 in South Carolina to represent plaintiffs in complex litigation matters.  The firm has grown over the years and we now have two offices in Hampton and Beaufort.

Our lawyers have represented clients in more than 20 states and territories in a wide variety of class actions, multidistrict litigation and niche areas of law. Our clients include small businesses, property owners, farmers, churches, individuals and other plaintiffs that need assistance resolving their disputes.

Our History of Success

Because our law firm focuses solely on complex litigation, we have devoted our full staff, substantial resources and extensive knowledge to helping clients obtain the best possible outcomes to their disputes. Our litigation team has successfully handled a wide breadth of matters, including:

  • Asbestos property damage on behalf of property owners whose premises contain the harmful material for damages that include asbestos removal and loss of property value
  • Product liability claims to recover financial losses on behalf of property owners for diminished value associated with the defective product and personal injury damages when a defective product causes catastrophic injuries or wrongful death
  • Contract-based claims in which we pursue monetary damages, injunctive relief and specific performance for businesses that suffer losses due to breach of contract
  • Employment grievances against corporations and municipalities for systemic wage and hour violations
  • Cooperative rights of co-op members who suffered damages because of a conflict of interest or breach of fiduciary duty by the cooperative board of directors
  • Environmental torts to hold the contaminator accountable for destruction of property, cleanup costs and diminished property values and in cases involving severe injuries and death resulting from toxin exposure
  • Computer software development defects that result in such substantial damages due to serious interference of business operations, massive loss of customers, harm to a company’s reputation or release of trade secrets and other confidential information
  • Complex personal injuries resulting from defective products, environmental torts and catastrophic accidents and leading to permanent disabilities and fatalities
  • Church and canon law that embodies extensive bodies of laws, including the U.S. Constitution, ecclesiastical texts, federal and state statutes and case law dating back to the early 19th century
  • Professional liability cases, which have involved our firm both prosecuting and defending professionals in malpractice cases
  • Real property and property development disputes, such as environmental contamination, asbestos, boundary disputes, title encumbrances, zoning, land use and construction matters that diminish property value, cost the owner revenues, incur substantial cleanup expenses or violate their rights to ownership
  • Agricultural matters involving co-ops, contamination of farmland, government interference and other specific agribusiness matters

During our more than 30 years of practice, our lawyers have regularly accepted referrals from colleagues who recognize our experience, professionalism and dedication to our litigation practice.

Learn More About Our History of Success and How We Can Help You

Speights & Runyan has a history of success in complex litigation resolutions. Learn more about our firm’s focus on effective representation in cases involving class actions, MDLs, high-stakes claims and complicated legal issues and fact scenarios. To schedule an appointment with our experienced lawyers, call Speights & Runyan at (803) 943-4444 or toll free at (800) 348-3805 or contact our firm online.