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What is Complex Litigation?

Resolving Challenging Cases for More than 25 Years

Complex litigation is the sole focus of Speights & Runyan.   Our firm accepts cases that have a particularly challenging element — such as multiple plaintiffs, multiple jurisdictions, a unique fact scenario or novel legal issues. Based in South Carolina, our lawyers handle a broad range of cases throughout the United States including property disputes, environmental torts, severe personal injuries, products liability, commercial disputes, employment issues, computer software errors, church-related disputes, farming disputes and asbestos property damages.

Pursuing Challenging Cases

For nearly three decades, our lawyers have sought the most challenging cases. Most of our litigation involves complex aspects, such as:

  • Innovative legal theories — Our team devises new ways of viewing a problematic matter. For example, our attorneys were the first to pursue compensation for property damages, cleanup costs and diminished property values caused by asbestos contamination. Starting with the Y2K computer debacle, our lawyers have remained at the forefront of technology litigation arising from serious software errors.
  • Complex questions of law — We regularly handle cases in which a complicated matter of law is at issue. For example, we handle ERISA claims that have important legal implications on pension plan decisions.
  • Esoteric and complicated fact scenarios — Our firm often tackles cases with complex fact scenarios that involve intimate legal knowledge about a niche practice area. Our focus on canon and church law, for example, allows us to delve deep into the interrelation between ecclesiastical texts, the U.S. Constitution, federal and state statutes and two centuries of case law.
  • Precedent-setting decisions — During our almost three decades of practice, we have handled numerous cases that resulted in precedent-setting decisions in federal and state courts. We often take cases that we believe will provide new opportunities for legal justice
  • Class actions — Our law firm has the resources and experience to form and certify a class of plaintiffs and to litigate a class action lawsuit in jurisdictions throughout the country. We have handled numerous class actions over the past 30 years and have several currently pending.
  • Multidistrict litigation — Our attorneys have brought numerous cases through MDL in several jurisdictions in the United States. These cases typically involve widespread catastrophic injury or property damage claims.
  • High stakes claims — Many of our claims have substantial amounts of money at stake or other irreversible, high-impact consequences. In one such case, we challenged the FDA’s actions that cost a single tomato farmer $15 million in revenue.

Consult with Speights & Runyan About Complex Litigation Matters

Speights & Runyan has the resources and experience to handle complex litigation matters in a variety of subject areas. For more information about a class action, MDL, high-stakes claim or complicated legal issue or fact scenario, call Speights & Runyan at (803) 943-4444 or toll free at (800) 348-3805 or contact our firm online. From our Beaufort and Hampton offices, we represent clients located in South Carolina and throughout the country.