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Complex Litigation Attorneys

Founded in 1987, Speights & Runyan concentrates solely on complex litigation. Our lawyers have the skills and experience to resolve claims that involve multiple plaintiffs, class actions, multidistrict litigation and high level legal issues.  Our primary areas of practice include:

  • Complex commercial litigation — Our commercial clients range from Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop operations. We help farmers, businesses and nonprofit organizations recover financial losses arising from complex commercial disputes .
  • Class actions — We represent plaintiffs in class action litigation involving such claims as environmental pollution, toxic torts, cooperative issues, agribusiness matters, personal injuries, property damages and wage disputes. Our attorneys have substantial experience in certifying classes and handling the challenging logistics of class action lawsuits.
  • Asbestos property damage — Speights & Runyan filed and won the first asbestos property damage suit in the country. Our first cases set precedent for future asbestos claims by property owners. Since then, we have remained leaders in asbestos litigation.
  • Products liability — Our attorneys have experience both prosecuting and defending major companies in product defect claims. We represent plaintiffs in cases involving construction defects, roofing defects, asbestos materials, pharmaceutical defects, and other products liability claims.
  • Contract-based claims — When breach of contract results in significant financial losses, our lawyers help clients demand specific performance or recover monetary damages.   We employ the requisite precision to properly analyze contract language.
  • Employment — Our firm assists workers, typically as a class, with employment-related disputes. We have helped police officers recover their rightful overtime pay and retirees keep their pensions. We also take on challenging Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) claims.
  • Cooperative rights — Farmers and other businesses that sell their products through cooperatives are entitled to their rightful returns. If a client is shorted their rightful profit, our law firm takes steps to protect the rights of individuals and business entities that are part of the cooperative.
  • Agribusiness and farming — Our lawyers understand the complex issues that affect the agricultural industry. In recent years, Speights & Runyan successfully fought for compensation when a neighboring landowner affected the value of our client’s land. We are currently helping farmers recover their money which is being wrongfully withheld by their agricultural cooperative.  We have successfully completed this task in other jurisdictions.  Speights & Runyan is also currently representing a family farm that lost millions of dollars because of the FDA’s improper actions.
  • Environmental torts — Our legal team has the knowledge to unravel the complex science and health issues typical in an environmental tort claim.  Our recent environmental tort claims include a class action brought by gas station owners against Exxon Mobile for leaking gas tanks that contaminated the surrounding property.
  • Computer software development — Dating back to Y2K, our law firm has handled intricate computer software legal issues. We represent businesses that sustain financial damages because of defective computer programs.
  • Catastrophic personal injury — Our law firm is equipped to represent victims in catastrophic personal injury cases involving severe lifetime disabilities and wrongful death. Most of our personal injury cases are filed as class actions or MDLs — for example, a defective product or a toxic tort that resulted in extensive injuries or illnesses to numerous victims.
  • Church and canon law — The First Amendment Establishment Clause and case law dating back to the 1800s govern litigation concerning religious organizations . Our litigation lawyers understand the constitutional, property, contract and other applicable bodies of law to resolve a church’s internal or external disputes.  Our firm has served as lead counsel in nationally publicized disputes in this arena involving the defense of over five hundred million dollars’ worth of property.
  • Real property and property development disputes — We litigate real property disputes involving title, boundaries, pollution, asbestos and serious damage.   We have represented landowners, developers, homeowners’ associations, and builders in the often tricky arena of land development.

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