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Class Actions

Advocating for the Rights of Businesses and Individuals

Almost everyone in America has heard of class action lawsuits.  Perhaps you have received a notice in the mail that you may be a member of a class action suit? Too often, class action suits are perceived as providing little to no relief to those injured while providing out of proportion compensation to attorneys. 

At Speights & Runyan, we work hard to deliver results to our class members.  We carefully assess each case, determining whether the legal claims and the client are appropriate for class treatment.  As a result we have worked on class actions which provide better results than could have been achieved in singular litigation.  We use the class device the way that the courts intended when the rule was created.  We improve efficiency, hold down costs, and use the class to correct actions that would be too large for someone acting alone.

We advocate for plaintiffs’ rights in such diverse matters as toxic torts, environmental contamination, asbestos, farming, employment, products liability and personal injury. Our attorneys and staff have refined our processes for filing MDL and class action claims. We demonstrate the efficiency and successes that derive from almost three decades of experience with these highly complex cases.

Types of Class Action Cases

Our attorneys handle a wide range of MDLs and class actions in a variety of practice areas. Current and past cases involve such matters as:

  • Asbestos — Our attorneys represent South Carolina building owners whose properties are or were previously contaminated by asbestos. The class includes hospitals, schools, businesses, municipalities and homeowners. 
  • Canon law — We consolidate the interests of small churches by organizing them into a class to efficiently resolve disputes. Our lawyers understand this unique niche that is governed by the U.S. Constitution, contract laws, property rights and case law. 
  • Employment — We demand recourse when an employer engages in systemic wage and hour violations. Recently, our lawyers certified a class of South Carolina highway patrolmen who were denied their rightful overtime wages.
  • Environmental torts — Our firm filed a class action lawsuit against Exxon Mobile on behalf of gas station owners when gasoline leaked from defective tanks onto their property. The gas station owners were forced to pay expensive cleanup costs to neutralize the contamination.
  • Farming — Agricultural claims range from environmental contamination by neighboring factories or farms and unpaid earnings owed by cooperatives. We currently represent 200,000 tobacco farmers in six states whose co-op refuses to pay them the money due from sale of their products. 
  • Personal injury — We seek class action status when numerous victims sustain illness or injury as a result of a defective product or a toxic tort. Our personal injury claims involve catastrophic accidents and negligence that cause permanent disability or death.
  • Products liability — We represent property owners who bought defective roof shingles. The defendant marketed the shingles as lasting for 30 and 40 years, but they actually have a high failure rate after four to six years of use.
  • Small businesses — Many of the classes we certify are comprised of small businesses that have disputes with larger, well-funded corporations. Combining forces into a class allows smaller businesses to spread the costs and risks associated with litigation to vastly improve their chances for success.

Learn More About Our Experience in MDL and Class Action Certification and Representation

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