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Complex Personal Injury

Protecting the Rights of Victims of Catastrophic Injuries

The South Carolina-based law firm of Speights & Runyan exclusively practices complex litigation. Our lawyers try catastrophic personal injury cases in courts throughout the country. Our cases typically involve multiple parties, intricate legal issues and complicated fact scenarios. Because we focus on cases in which dozens or hundreds of people suffer damage, we litigate most of our personal injury cases as class actions or multidistrict litigation (MDL). We have more than 25 years of experience and the extensive resources necessary to reach maximum possible recovery for our clients.

Products Liability

In-depth investigation and meticulous preparation is crucial when handling products liability claims involving complex manufacturing processes and products, such as motor vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and medical devices. Identifying and proving adulteration of pharmaceuticals or contamination of food also requires a high level of knowledge and experience.

Before joining Speights & Runyan, some of our lawyers defended major corporations against products liability claims. Our unique background gives us insight into the defense-counsel point of view and helps us to anticipate the opposing party’s strategies. We also have substantial experience researching and analyzing the science, engineering and medical concepts behind the defective products.  This experienced helps us to determine what went wrong and at what stage in the manufacturing and distribution chain. We can also determine whether the fault was due to the designer, component parts manufacturer, assembly manufacturer, wholesaler or vendor.

Toxic Torts

Toxic torts arise in circumstances that involve consumer products, pharmaceuticals, occupational hazards and environmental contamination. An entire industry may be exposed to workplace hazardous toxins — for example, agricultural or construction workers. Environmental tort cases involve widespread poisoning, sometimes of entire communities, through soil, air, groundwater and food.

Environmental and toxic torts are subject to a massive body of laws that may include Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and various federal and state statutes and case law.

The health effects of toxic torts are often not immediately apparent. The medical conditions may not manifest for days or even years after exposure. For this reason, defendants commonly claim that plaintiffs’ chronic diseases are unrelated to their activities. When corporations claim trade secret, the lack of transparency may hinder investigation of these cases and complicate the collection of evidence needed to prove causality. Our lawyers know how to develop a solid case despite these challenges.

Filing as a Class

Often, a defective product harms or kills dozens of consumers before it is removed from the market. Likewise, an environmental tort may result in hundreds of illnesses before the contamination is cleaned up. When numerous injuries are linked to one source, plaintiffs may have the option of filing as a class. The multidistrict litigation and class action structures make legal relief accessible to individual injury victims who might otherwise have been unable to fully avail themselves of the judicial process.

Recover Damages For Serious Personal Injuries Caused by Negligent Corporations

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