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Computer Software Development

Representing Businesses Harmed by Technology Defects

In today’s world, businesses rely heavily on technology to operate. Most companies use multiple software programs to manage various aspect of their business, including employee payrolls, accounting, vendor tracking, product orders, client invoices, customer services and internal systems. The nature and size of the business dictates the types of software required and level of complexity. A company that is highly specialized or operating in a niche industry may commission production of its own software programs from a developer. A technological glitch can send a company into chaos and cause substantial financial damages.

Technology has developed too fast for the laws to keep pace. Many issues, therefore, are not directly governed by statutes or case law, making software-related litigation challenging. Speights & Runyan has remained on the forefront of technology issues and has successfully resolved numerous disputes with software developers.

Technology Matters in Dispute

Practically every business occasionally experiences computer issues that cause minor delays and incidental costs to the company. However, defective software can cause substantial and irreparable damage.  For example, an error in a computer program can result in:

  • Hacking of the private data contained on a computer or server
  • Release of a business’s trade secrets
  • Disclosure confidential client information
  • Violation of HIPPA laws in the health care setting
  • Physical injury to patients because of residual treatment errors
  • Lengthy interruption in business operations
  • Delays in processing orders, payrolls or other vital components of the business
  • Irretrievable loss of crucial documents stored on the computer server
  • Serious accounting mistakes
  • Regulatory noncompliance
  • Catastrophic computer failure
  • Lost sales from discouraged and angry customers

In these cases, the software issue has a direct impact on the business’s reputation, revenue, costs and even the legality of its conduct. 

Overcoming Challenges of Tech Litigation

The relative newness of technology law poses interesting challenges to the evidentiary and procedural aspects of litigation. The courts are often unfamiliar with the technology and its real-world applications in a business setting.  In addition, a judge may be unaware of what information is actually available and what the rights of the parties are to access or protect the data.  Lack of or conflicting standards can create unpredictable and inconsistent decisions and cloud the progression of software litigation.

To overcome these challenges, our attorneys educate judges and jurors on the science behind the technology. We consult with tech experts who present clear, persuasive explanations in support of our claims. Our firm is also skilled at demonstrating causation between the software issue and a company’s substantial financial damages.

Recover Damages Caused by a Software Error

Since Y2K, Speights & Runyan has remained at the forefront of computer technology litigation. Learn more about recovering compensation when a computer issue results in serious business damages. Call our firm at (803) 943-4444 or toll free at (800) 348-3805 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.