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Contract-Based Litigation

Relief When the Terms of an Agreement Are Breached

Speights & Runyan was founded in 1987 in South Carolina to represent clients in complex litigation. Because our sole focus is litigation, our attorneys have spent thousands of hours in the courtroom and have developed a polished, professional litigation team that is prepared to tackle the most complex issues.

Our lawyers assist companies of all sizes — from local mom-and-pop operations to multinational corporations — with contract matters that affect their businesses. We work across many industries, including construction, agriculture, technology, service, religious and nonprofit. We review and draft contracts that help avoid litigation and recommend effective risk mitigation actions. When a contract dispute arises, we advocate for solutions that are in our client’s best interests.

Common Contract Disputes

Contracts govern virtually every aspect of a business. However, the contract disputes we encounter most include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Partnership agreements
  • Commercial property sales and purchases
  • Construction projects
  • Investment and financial agreements
  • Lending documents
  • Vendor and service agreements
  • Shipping and transport agreements
  • Employee non-disclosure agreements

Contract Review

A solid contract is the backbone of the agreement made between two parties. However, a poorly drafted contract may be unenforceable, void or provide inadequate remedies for the wronged party. We view our client’s contract through the eyes of a litigation attorney. Drawing upon our substantial trial experience, we identify weaknesses that can result in conflict down the road. We recommend language that protects our client’s rights and allows for sufficient and appropriate relief should a dispute arise.

Discuss Your Contract Dispute with Our Contract Litigation Lawyers

Speights & Runyan helps companies resolve contract disputes that are disruptive to business operations and your bottom line. To schedule a consultation with our firm, call (803) 943-4444 or toll free at (800) 348-3805 or contact us online.