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Cooperative Rights

Protecting Members’ Interests

Cooperatives are an invaluable tool for small businesses. Farmers, artists, restaurant owners, health care providers and other professionals can pool their resources and spread risks and costs by forming a co-op. In turn, the co-op has a duty to act in the businesses’ collective best interest. When the co-op fails to exercise its duties in good faith, individual businesses may lose revenue or opportunities for expansion or it may even put the business’s future in jeopardy.

We have assisted numerous cooperative members in lawsuits against their co-ops to recover unpaid revenues and demand compliance with state and federal statutes and co-op rules.

Learn More about Exercising Your Rights as a Member of a Cooperative

Speights & Runyan has substantial experience in complex cooperative law and we have initiated numerous class action lawsuits on behalf of cooperative membership. Learn more about the rights of co-op members. Schedule a consultation with our firm by calling us at (803) 943-4444 or toll free at (800) 348-3805 or by contacting us online.