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Employment Disputes

Resolving Complex Employment Matters for More Than 25 Years

Speights & Runyan was established in 1987 by two well-respected litigation attorneys. We focus our practice entirely on complex litigation involving multiple parties and complex facts and laws. From our Beaufort and Hampton, South Carolina offices, our lawyers represent employees throughout South Carolina and across the country. We represent all types of workers, including highway patrol officers and farm workers, in class action employment lawsuits.

Wages and Hour Disputes

Wage and hour issues are rarely isolated to a single worker or a remote incident. Generally, if an employer has repeatedly withheld wages from one employee, the problem is occurring company-wide. Therefore, a class action may be an appropriate option for recovering lost wages. Employees may benefit from filing wage and hour claims as a class to defray costs and streamline the process. Many workers could not otherwise afford the time and expense of filing an individual claim.              

Speights & Runyan regularly represents workers in wage and hour class action lawsuits. Drawing on more than 25 years of class action litigation, our lawyers take decisive steps to organize the class and file the lawsuit. We may seek certification of the class based upon the workers’ status in a protected class or their position within the company. During the process, we also monitor the workers’ rights to ensure the company is not infringing on their rights in response to the class action lawsuit.

Class claims may involve failure to pay overtime or other violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA). Universal noncompliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or the Affordable Care Act provisions may also be suitable for class action litigation.

Retirement Accounts and Pension Plans

Employees rely on their pensions to fund their retirement. For some families, the pension plan is their only form of retirement income aside from insufficient Social Security benefits. After working hard their whole lives and diligently saving for retirement, the poor decisions made by account administrators or the company can have adverse effects on the employees’ lifetime financial security.

Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) was established to protect workers from the volatility associated with other types of investments. Nonetheless, some workers are discovering that their ERISA pension plans are at risk. Even employees in high-level positions at large corporations are not immune to potential losses.

Speights & Runyan is familiar with the sophisticated actuarial, financial and accounting aspects of retirement investments. We analyze the data and consult with experts to develop a case against pension plan administrators responsible for losses. If appropriate, we also represent workers in the employer’s bankruptcy reorganization proceedings when the pension is placed in jeopardy to save the company.

Hold Employers Accountable For Detrimental Practices That Affect Their Workforce

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