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Environmental Torts

Protecting Individuals and Small Businesses from Toxic Contamination

Speights & Runyan has represented plaintiffs in toxic tort cases for more than 25 years. Our team regularly deals with complex scientific, engineering, chemistry and health data that is often a crucial aspect of environmental tort claims. We also have substantial experience in organizing and certifying groups of injured plaintiffs to pursue class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation.

Property Damage Resulting from Pollution

Large corporations that pollute the surrounding environment or produce a toxic product commonly leave small property owners with the bill for cleanup costs and diminished value of their land. The polluter often correctly assumes that a small business or individual property owner cannot trace the source of contamination or does not have the financial resources to fight a corporation with big pockets.

Speights & Runyan was the first law firm to file an asbestos claim on behalf of property owners whose buildings contained the toxic fibers. We obtained compensation for toxic harm that was previously ignored for entities across the country.  We continue to represent schools, airports, government offices, businesses and other entities against asbestos manufacturers.

We also represent farmers, gas station owners and other small businesses whose properties have been contaminated by a variety of toxins. In addition to monetary damages, we also seek injunctive relief to stop further pollution of their premises.

Personal Injury from Toxin Exposure

Toxin exposure can cause serious health problems for entire communities and specific populations. Typically, dozens or hundreds of people fall gravely ill or die before the source of their medical problem is identified.  Compounding the difficulty of these cases, corporations usually do not cooperate with investigations that could costs them millions of dollars. A polluter often claims that the plaintiffs’ medical conditions are not directly linked to the polluter’s activities.

Our attorneys conduct a full investigation of the effects of harmful chemicals on the health of our clients. We consult with experts who help us correlate the corporate conduct to the debilitating and fatal diseases our clients have sustained.

Common cases of harmful toxic exposure involve:

  • Occupation in high exposure industries, such as agriculture, construction, demolition, manufacturing or mining
  • Sick building syndrome that subjects office workers to toxin exposure
  • Contamination of land, air and water by nearby industrial operations, including fracking and farming
  • Use of toxic materials — such as asbestos and lead — in the construction of housing and furniture
  • Dangerous chemicals available to consumers

Learn More About Environmental Toxic Torts

Speights & Runyan files class actions alleging property damage and personal injuries resulting from environmental torts. Learn more about recovering damages arising from contamination by harmful toxins. To make an appointment, call our firm at (803) 943-4444 or toll free at (800) 348-3805 or contact us through our website.