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General Litigation

South Carolina Trial Attorneys Representing Plaintiffs Nationwide

The law firm of Speights & Runyan focuses exclusively on complex litigation. From our two office locations in Beaufort and Hampton, our attorneys represent clients nationwide. We concentrate on complex matters that involve multiple plaintiffs and we have substantial experience certifying classes and managing multidistrict litigation. Throughout nearly three decades of practice, our team has refined our processes and approaches to class action and MDL proceedings. We also handle cases that address challenging questions of law or unusual fact scenarios, particularly those cases that we recognize as likely to set legal precedence.

Our Litigation Practice

Our lawyers have a wide breadth of knowledge about a diverse variety of practice areas. In every case, we focus on reaching the best possible results in the most efficient manner. Speights & Runyan’s primary areas of litigation include:

Trial Preparations

Our litigation team is well known for our thorough preparations for trial. With the support of our highly trained staff, we have created an effective system for investigating each case and collecting persuasive evidence. Our streamlined processes are essential when handling large cases involving multiple plaintiffs and complex matters. We have extensive knowledge of science, engineering, technology and business and consult regularly with experts who help us build a successful case and testify at trial.

Mediation and Settlement

An important aspect of being an effective litigation lawyer is being a strategic negotiator. Although we are always prepared to take our cases to trial, we also position ourselves to orchestrate a successful settlement when it is in our client’s best interests. Our aggressiveness during the discovery process allows us to recognize strengths and weaknesses in a given case and to candidly address those issues with our clients. This also gives us a clear picture of whether settlement is a good decision and helps us calculate potential damage awards.

Referrals by Our Colleagues

Because of our reputation for professionalism and effectiveness, our legal colleagues regularly refer cases to Speights & Runyan.  Sole practitioners and boutique law firms often do not want to commit the substantial resources and time required to concentrate on a single complex case or travel extensively to other states to handle class actions and MDLs. Other attorneys run a transactional practice that does not typically engage in litigation. Our colleagues know that when they refer a case to us, we will treat their clients with respect and deliver ethical, experienced representation.

Learn More About Resolving Complex Matters in Dispute

Speights & Runyan is focused solely on complex litigation, including class action, MDL and cases involving complicated legal issues. To discuss a case in detail, call our experienced trial attorneys at (803) 943-4444 or toll free at (800) 348-3805 or contact Speights & Runyan using our online form.  Based in South Carolina, we represent plaintiffs throughout the United States.