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Products Liability

Injuries Caused By Defective Consumer Products

A poor design or a manufacturing mistake can create widespread hazards to consumers, especially when using innately dangerous products, such as agricultural machinery, automobile parts, lawnmowers, playground equipment, medical devices, pharmaceuticals or contaminated foods. Failure of these products can cause catastrophic injuries or death, sometimes to dozens of people, before the problem is discovered or resolved.   As an example, Speights & Runyan recently represented and obtained a recovery for a client who had his leg crushed by a defective ladder stand assembly.  This product failure created an unnecessarily dangerous condition for which the company should be responsible. 

If one common defect results in multiple injuries or fatalities, we can organize a class of consumers to file a lawsuit against the company in class action or multi-district litigation.

Property Damages Arising From Defective Products

Speights & Runyan earned its reputation as a premier complex litigation law firm in the 1980s when we won the first asbestos property damage claim in the country. Our lawyers secured an $8.4 million dollar verdict for actual and punitive damages in the precedent-setting case. We have since filed dozens of property damage claims stemming from defective asbestos products and we remain a leader in this niche legal area. Our asbestos clients include schools, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, public building owners, commercial building owners and residential apartment owners.

Property owners were suddenly required to invest substantial sums of money to safely remove the toxic asbestos material from their buildings. In addition, the existence of asbestos in a building typically reduces the value of the property. Because of high numbers of claims, asbestos manufacturers began filing for bankruptcy, making recovery more difficult. We represented the creditor property owners in bankruptcy proceedings and served as lead counsel in one of the biggest asbestos-related bankruptcy cases.

Today, our firm continues to hold manufacturers accountable for the products they design, manufacture, market and sell. Recent class action property claims include defective roof tiles, which are marketed to last decades, but often fracture after only a few years. We also represented gas station owners when defective gas tanks leached gasoline into the property, requiring expensive cleanup.

Why Complex Litigation Experience Is Important in Product Liability Claims

Product liability suits highlight both the benefits and the shortcomings of our judicial system.  On the one hand, a single consumer who is harmed by a product which has been made improperly may be able to hold a manufacturer accountable.  On the other hand, the vast financial disparity between manufacturer and consumer creates a significant hurdle for any consumer.  Manufacturers retain experienced lawyers with large budgets to dispute claims of defective products.  Product liability suits are among the most expensive and complicated to prosecute.  That is why experience and resources are needed to advocate for consumers. For nearly three decades, Speights & Runyan has been that advocate.

Consult Knowledgeable Counsel to Recover Compensation

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