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Real Property and Property Development Disputes

Protecting the Rights of Commercial and Residential Property Owners

Speights & Runyan is a premier litigation law firm formed in 1987.  Our litigation experience and network of co-counsel allow us to offer an array of full legal service to land developers, the timber industry, commercial property owners, as well as residential property owners.  If your property problem requires litigation, we have unparalleled experience in real property litigation. 

From our offices in Beaufort and Hampton, we help property owners throughout South Carolina and the United States to recover compensation for property damages. Our clients range from homeowners to commercial developers to municipalities that have sustained financial losses due to pollution, toxic torts, boundary disputes, construction disputes, title encumbrances and other property-related matters.

We have substantial experience in class action and multidistrict litigation and tackle challenging questions of law. We actively seek cases that can establish precedence in property law.

Contamination of Property

Contamination of property often involves multiple layers of loss. The owner of contaminated property may immediately suffer loss of income and must assume cleanup costs. Toxins are also likely to diminish the long-term value of the property.

Our litigation team engages environmental scientists, engineers and other experts to accurately calculate the full financial impact of the pollution in the short-term and in the future. Many of our cases involve widespread contamination of multiple properties or entire communities. Class actions we handle include:

  • Asbestos contamination
    Our lawyers were the first to take legal action against asbestos manufacturers for property damages resulting from this harmful material. We served as lead counsel in a number of asbestos-related trials. During the past three decades, we have represented school districts, colleges, hospitals, airports, municipalities, government lessees, commercial property owners, homeowners and other clients who sustained losses due to asbestos on their properties. We currently have several asbestos-related class action lawsuits pending in the courts.
  • Leaking gas tanks
    Our firm represents South Carolina gas station owners whose property was contaminated by leaking gas tanks. In a recent class action lawsuit, we held Exxon Mobile accountable for the cleanup costs and diminished property values associated with the contamination.
  • Contamination of farmland by neighbors
    In collective actions, our team represents farmers whose land was contaminated by neighboring products. Because of our substantial experience in agricultural matters, we are able to accurately calculate the total immediate and long-term financial losses sustained by farmers because of soil and crop damage.

Property Development Issues

After making a substantial investment in property, a dispute that delays or halts development can have serious financial consequences. Conversely, development that encroaches on another landowner’s rights can have an irreversible adverse impact. Our lawyers assertively pursue effective, expedient resolutions when disputes interfere with clients’ property rights. In addition to monetary damages, we typically pursue remedies that mitigate further harm, such as injunctive relief or specific performance on a contract. We regularly help commercial property owners and developers with issues involving:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Title encumbrances
  • Zoning and land use issues
  • Construction disputes
  • Ownership rights
  • Environmental issues

In addition, we are in a unique position to assist churches with property disputes. We are intimately familiar with the volumes of canonical, ecclesiastical, constitutional, case law and statutory laws that govern religious organizations.

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